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Home Decorating – 3 Pro Decorating Tips

An easy rule of thumb when redecorating a room is to always use the same color for the inside as the exterior. For an architectural home design such as ranch or country craftsman, deep, rich hard wood furniture with lots of earth colors, clean lines and lots of storage work really work. Here are four of the more popular home decorating themes to think about: Mid Century Modern. This is a popular movement in home decor that is characterized by clean lines, light floors and often by using metal and glass. Country and rustic are two other common characteristics of this style. Transitional galleries are often a combination of European and traditional elements.

Art Deco. Art Deco is a style that showcases bold geometric lines and heavy, almost three-dimensional objects. Cubism is a big influence here. Cubists can come up with endless interior design ideas, even using nothing but chalkboards. Art Deco home accents include strong geometric lines, bright, shiny objects and shiny fixtures. Art Deco decorating ideas tend to be very bold and unbalanced.

Futurist. This style exudes an environment of pure creativity, as futurists prefer working with organic materials and would rather not have furniture with any sort of artificial look. Their bedroom furniture ideas may be anything but modern. Instead, they prefer antique pieces, repurposed glassware, and a natural color scheme that are free of colors and patterns.

Contemporary. Like Art Deco bedroom ideas, contemporary bedrooms follow a clean, uncluttered look that focuses on the color palette, textures and a minimalist interior design approach. One can imagine a bedroom totally free from any sort of clutter and yet still be able to fully utilize the space. Contemporary furniture is usually very simple, with sharp geometric lines and hard, solid surfaces. If you want your contemporary bedroom to convey a sense of calmness and openness, then you should consider incorporating some nature elements such as a clear blue bed frame or perhaps a white ceramic refrigerator.

Country. As the name connotes, the country is very much related to nature and the outdoors. The common elements in this decorating style are plain, solid wood, brown tones and plenty of it. If you have a lot of country carpeting in the room, you can accentuate its softness and richness by placing a country bed frame on it. You can even add a colorful rug to complete the look.

West Elm. While it does not fall exactly into the category of “pro decorating tip,” there’s no denying the fact that the beauty of the west Elm tree really adds to the feel of a beautiful room. West Elm can be painted in any color of your choice, allowing you to truly customize the look and feel of the room. For example, if you want the color of red to match the siding of your home, then you can simply paint the trim of your home in that shade. Otherwise, you may choose to go with a slightly duller shade of brown for a balance that is right in line with the look of your furniture.

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