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Roof Cleaning Options

Roof cleaning is the procedure of removing fungus, moss, mildew, algae and lichen from roofs. Also cleaning lichens from roofs, which is an indication that they are being removed from the roof line. Cleaning prevents algae growth due to damp conditions. Also cleaning oxidation on older metal roofs, which can accelerate roof deterioration. Cleaning will extend the useful life of a roof.

One factor involved in roof longevity is regular roof cleaning. As mentioned previously, it is recommended that homeowners regularly inspect their roofs for signs of damage. In addition to inspecting the roof, homeowners should inspect the underlayment, felt layer, attic insulation and attic skylights to determine the extent of the damage. This inspection can help you avoid expensive roof repairs or replacement. You can also determine the extent of damage before calling a roofing contractor.

Regular roof cleaning costs less than the repair or replacement of your roof. It is also less than having to buy a new roof or even have a new roof installed. So, for homeowner’s sake, it makes sense to perform regular roof cleaning. As mentioned before, regular inspections help you identify problems well before they become severe. And if problems do become severe, you can easily make an appointment with a roofing contractor. After explaining the issue, the contractor can estimate a roof cleaning cost.

Roof cleaning should include the cleaning of the following: gutters, rain gutters, downspouts, fascia, flashings, chimney, attic insulation, tiles, and vinyl decking. As mentioned earlier, removing algae and lichens can really cut down on your roof cleaning cost. You may need to purchase some specialized equipment, but it shouldn’t cost you too much. A power washer, pressure washers, scrubber, bucket, broom, and hose are all good to have handy. Make sure that you are aware of the guidelines set forth by your local government regarding debris removal so that you don’t get ticketed by the authorities.

Another thing to look into is using power washing. Power washing has become very popular in several areas of the country, including Florida and Arizona. It does save money, is easy on the environment, and can increase the life of your roof. A power washing company or professional power washing company is recommended in these areas of the country because they have special chemicals that prevent the growth of mold. They can also use high-pressure washing methods that are especially effective on asbestos and rubberized materials.

Another roof cleaning option is scouring. This involves washing your exterior surfaces, such as brick, concrete, asphalt, stone, slate, etc., with abrasive materials that gradually wear away at the surface of the material. The process does not destroy the substance in the exterior surfaces, but it wears them down enough to be able to remove the stains more effectively. Power washing and scouring are both good options if you want to save money, protect the environment, and increase the lifespan of your roof. However, if you live in an area that requires special treatment for utilities, you may not be able to get these services.

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