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Tips For Creating A Backyard Garden

It is not uncommon to have a garden with hundreds, if not thousands, of plants. When most people think of designing a garden, they often consider dividing up a large piece of land into several smaller ones. A common garden design is one with a small plot of land in the center with large plants spread out over a large area. While this is effective, it can be overly crowded. How can you design a garden to work better for you? There are a few things you should keep in mind.

Most fruits, vegetables and flowers grow best in full sunlight. However, not all outdoor areas in a garden are going to be fully sunny all year long. If the garden is to be located in a shaded area, you may want to consider using a trellis system. A trellis can be installed to create a framework, which will provide support for a row of plants. The row of plants will be supported by the framework and have their growth balanced. A trellis can be designed to run from fence to fence and even under walkways to provide a clear path for your guests.

Raised Beds and Planters are another option you may want to consider for a small garden. This works well for areas that are not in direct sunlight. Raised beds are simply a series of trays that are elevated a few feet above the planting soil. Each of the trays has an access hole that can be sealed to keep pests out. Using raised beds, you can get several crops planted per square foot without the need for the use of a tiller.

Planting Switchgrass and Zoysia are two plants that can be planted along with other annuals to provide year-round food source for your garden. Switchgrass is known as a weed barrier, which is useful when you are attempting to control the growth of weeds. Zoysia is a beneficial crop that helps control the growth of unwanted shrubs and flowers.

A garden that incorporates flower beds allows you to get more crops planted and more flowers planted in each year. However, there are times when these crops need to be harvested. Deadheading these crops prevents the plants from growing. Planting paths allow the garden to be mowed as needed throughout the growing season. This is an easy way to maintain the lawn while still being able to take care of the garden. Paths can be constructed using wood, PVC pipes or chain link.

When it comes to planting, time is an important factor. Make sure that you have the planting space available before you begin digging. You will also want to wait until the weather is at its warmest to dig. This will ensure that the new garden is ready to be planted before the weather begins to get too hot. When the garden is prepared, the last thing you want is weeds to start growing in your garden. A garden that is ready to be planted is a garden that is ready to be enjoyed.

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