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Types of Gardens

A garden is an organized area, generally outdoors, placed aside for the exhibit, cultivation, or simply enjoyment of different types of flora and other types of nature as an ideal place for solitary or social interaction. In addition to the aesthetic appreciation, gardens are also selected due to their functionality. For instance, in the city one finds a garden for flowers and plants to beautify the view from the porch or patio. On the other hand, in the country one may find a garden to grow vegetables in order to feed the family. The sole characteristic distinguishing even the wildest garden from a garden designed for a house is enclosure. This type of garden is entirely different from the one we see in the suburbs where everything else is lawn or flowerbed and grass instead of a vegetable garden.

A well designed garden can be as beautiful as a picture. These picturesque gardens have all the elements required for a pleasant walk on a day when there is no sun. Flowers and plants in abundance make the garden look extremely lively. But if you like flowers but cannot tolerate the rays of the sun, then you can have a water garden instead. Water gardens are comprised of ponds with plants growing in different stages of life. Some of the plants are in the water stage some of them are still on the plants and some of them are still on the soil.

If you enjoy a garden with vegetables, then you would be better off having a raised bed garden. Under this arrangement the vegetables stay in the same position year-round due to its being the best place for vegetables to grow. The reason for this arrangement is that when you have plants on the soil, it means you will have fewer insects than if they were put in the ground. Weeds cannot survive in the garden under this arrangement. Moreover, it will be difficult for you to do any plowing if your vegetables are not in the bed of the garden.

A well-planned garden can mean a healthy diet for you. You may not like to believe it but the veggies that you eat do matter. In order for you to get all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs, you need to have a well-planted garden. The first thing that you need to look into is what kind of garden you want. There are three basic garden types:

The first type of garden is the container garden that is usually a raised bed with gravel on top. The bed is planted with small plants in a container made out of perlite, sand or cement. This type of garden requires less water and you will also find vegetables growing very well here. When you choose which vegetables you will grow here, choose those that can be planted in this kind of garden.

The second garden type is the arbor style garden. It is an arrangement of flowering shrubs, often potted and covered with a netting cover. Most arbor style shrubs are drought resistant and they have a fast-growing habit. You will also find that this kind of garden requires little water and you will enjoy the shade that the shrubs provide.

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