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Floor Cleaners That Get Rid of Dirt and Dust

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If you have a wet floor at home or work, you may need a floor disinfectant. These are specially formulated solutions that kill the bacteria and germs that can cause many health problems if left unchecked. There are many varieties of disinfectants to choose from and each comes with its own benefits and uses. If you are looking for something to use on a regular basis, consider using one of the following:

Disinfectant Gloves Floor cleaning gloves have come a long way in recent years. While they are usually used by healthcare workers who have to clean up patients with infected wounds or other hazardous waste, they have also become a favorite floor cleaning option for homeowners. Whether you are mopping the floor or just casually sweeping the floor, disinfectant gloves can protect your hands from getting dirt or other contaminants from the floor. Some products are simply designed to be utilized on specific floor cleaning machinery, while others are designed to simply be used on any ordinary mop, rag or broom.

Mop Cloth Mop cloths are a great floor cleaner for homes and offices with a high traffic area. Maps can be purchased in bulk, allowing you to save money on frequent cleanings. These cloths can also be washed and reused several times before they become unusable. If you do not have a mop cloth in your bathroom, you should consider purchasing a couple of cheap rags and placing them on your ceramic tile floors.

Microfiber Mops An inexpensive floor cleaner alternative to disposable mops is microfiber mops. However, the main advantage of this type of map is that it can easily pick-up tiny particles of food. Many people do not want to use a floor cleaner with such a feature, but it can be helpful in a pinch. This option should be used when you are cleaning extremely dirty tile or stone floors.

Pampered Mops One of the more luxurious floor cleaners, pampered mops are made of synthetic fibers. These products do require a bit of effort to get them clean, but once you have used the product, you will be amazed at how clean your tile or stone flooring will look. These products are a bit more expensive than many other types of floor cleaners, and many people do not consider them to be practical if they do not have an extremely dirty floor. If you would like to have a luxurious clean without having to work too hard, consider a pampered mop that contains natural fibers.

Tile and Stone Floors Although stone floors do require a bit of effort to keep them looking their best, they are still worth the investment. Most of these floor cleaners can be found at home improvement stores, and many janitorial services provide these services as well. If you would prefer not to clean your stone floors yourself, there are many commercial floor cleaners available. These products may be more expensive than many home remedies, but they can save you time, energy, and ultimately money in the long run.

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