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The Best Flooring Options

Hardwood flooring has been a popular floor covering choice for homes for many years. It is available in many different styles and types of wood. The one problem was that it was often very slippery and people had many falls on this type of flooring. Today, there are ways to make hardwood floors safer and much more usable outdoors and in the kitchen.

Hardwood flooring is naturally a very durable floor covering material in all parts of the house, but it does have limitations in areas prone to moisture and this includes kitchens and bathrooms. For many years, wood was considered a bad choice for areas like bathrooms and kitchens where moisture is a concern. Some homeowners tried using other materials for these areas only to find out that the results were not as durable or waterproof. A downside to using carpet in these areas is that it is very easy to stain or scratch the surfaces. On top of that, you have to worry about it being so slippery that people will trip over it and this is certainly not conducive to healthy floors.

Linoleum or ceramic tile was a great alternative for the kitchen floor. These floors are cheap and easy to clean and they show no signs of wear and tear for the long-term. Linoleum is also waterproof, which is a plus for kitchen and bathroom floors. However, you do have to be careful not to walk directly on it because it can be slippery. If there is a lot of traffic on the kitchen or bathroom floors, linoleum may not be the best option for you.

In recent years, new flooring options have been made available and are becoming very popular. Vinyl tiles are quite inexpensive and can be found in many different colors, styles, and designs. Vinyl tiles are a great option because they are slip resistant and are much easier to clean than ceramic tiles. They do not have to be permanently installed because they can be removed if you want to.

Tile is also an option for new kitchen flooring. This option is more moisture resistant than linoleum or vinyl, but it does have some shortcomings. Tile is easily gouged and scratches so you will have to think about that when choosing a flooring product. Also, if the area you want to tile has a lot of moisture, then you may want to look at another type of flooring such as concrete. Concrete can last for decades and is a great option if you want to avoid the disadvantages of some flooring products.

One of the newest flooring options available are wooden flooring options. Hardwood floors are becoming more popular due to their beauty and durability. Hardwood flooring can be purchased in a variety of different textures and grains. These natural textures provide a unique look and can even help to add warmth to your home. Hardwood flooring can be beautiful and expensive, so you need to carefully consider your options before purchasing it.

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